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Piano-X revolutionises the assessment of aircraft emissions and performance. And it's yours to download Free. Try it now. Then choose individual aircraft files from a large database and discover the power of a professional aircraft evaluation tool that is stunningly simple to use.

Piano 5 for Windows is the new version of the complete Piano aircraft analysis tool, used by several major aircraft and engine manufacturers worldwide. The full power, functionality, and ease of use of Piano are now available under the Windows environment. Compatible with existing files, rock-solid, and faster than ever.

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New in 2020 / 2021: Watch the Piano Lectures

A series of detailed Piano familiarisation sessions freely available on YouTube

Latest upload: Lecture 08 (May 2021)

A350 calibration from generic design

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On the US EPA's endangerment finding: A promising act (June 2015)

Modern Aircraft Analysis: A new course based on Piano (Advance Notice 2015)

V.5.3 update notes for Piano-5 users (.pdf file) (Dec 2014)

Applying the CO2 metric to the aircraft database: The numbers (May 2013)

V.5.2 update notes for Piano-5 users (.pdf file) (Nov 2012)

ICAO's Metric for CO2: Abandoning Science for Expediency (Jun 2012)

Boeing 787 update and CO2 emissions perspective (Nov 2011)

Airbus A380 included in Piano-X free download (Feb 2010)

Transparency in Aviation Emissions: An open letter (Jan 2010)

Boeing 787 now included in Piano-X free download (Dec 2008)

News: ICAO carbon calculator credits Piano (Sept 2008)

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